Frequently asked questions

How do I pay you?

Good question! We accept Cash, check and card on-site as well as Venmo online. Venmo can be payed via the yeoryiastudios@gmail.com email or @yeoryiastudios

How do I unlock the doors?

You will soon receive a text notification with a link to download the August App. Click the link provided to download and open the August App. Please choose the blue button that says I RECEIVED AN INVITE - then click I RECeiVED A TEXT MESSAGE - click create a profile, input Name, Phone number and email. Then verify your number and email with codes sent respectively. This adds the lock to your keychain. Enjoy!

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellation Policy

While we hate to see you miss out on practice time, we realize that it is sometimes necessary to cancel a reservation. Please be courteous and follow the rules for cancellation outlined below.

24hrs Advance Notice for regular use.
48hrs Advance Notice for long-term commitments.

If proper notice is not given, full payment for the reservation will be required.